Does The Salvation Army have IPC status?

The Salvation Army Social Fund is conferred with Institute of Public Character status (IPC No: 000549).

What is The Salvation Army’s Unit Entity Number?

Our UEN is T07CC3012G.

What does The Salvation Army do in Singapore?

The Salvation Army meets the needs of the underprivileged and runs a wide range of community services. These include a nursing home, day centres providing rehabilitation and dementia care, children’s homes, family support services, a foster care service, an outreach programme for kids whose parents are in prison, a youth development centre, corps community services and a social enterprise handling donations in-kind.

The Salvation Army Corps (Churches) also minister to people in 3 languages (English, Chinese and Tamil).

Does The Salvation Army push religion onto people it helps?

The Salvation Army is an evangelical organisation whose mission is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. The "Heart to God" is the motivation for the “Hand to Man”. The Army provides a wide range of social services without any requirement that those being helped will join The Salvation Army.

How is The Salvation Army funded?

The Salvation Army is supported through donations, government grants and programme fees. We run regular public appeals and organise fund raising events throughout the year.

Will the money I donate go to support religious activities?

Money raised through donations goes only to support social service programmes. The Salvation Army’s church activities are supported by the local church community.

When I make a donation to The Salvation Army can I specify that the money be used for a specific purpose?

It is possible to specify that your donation be used for a specific/current programmes operated by the Army. Unspecified donations allow the administrators of The Salvation Army Social Fund to use the money to meet the greatest needs of our diverse social programmes.

I like to organise a charity project, may I use The Salvation Army name or logo?

We are grateful for contributions to assist in our work but request that all organisers and fundraisers contact us before promoting the project to benefit The Salvation Army. We reserve the right to decline if the values are contrary to those upheld by The Salvation Army.

The name and logos of The Salvation Army are protected by international copyright laws and registered trademarks act. They can only be used with our permission.



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