The revolution of the saddle

La rivoluzione delle sella

Eagle beak tip

  • patented ergonomic design
  • greater comfort in low position
  • maximum freedom to shift the body forward towards the tip of the saddle
  • no genital compression

Central channel

  • patented ergonomic design
  • no compression in the perineal and prostate areas
  • no genital numbness and tingling
  • nerve and vascular structure protection
  • full blood flow
  • higher muscular fluidity and power
  • greater genital area ventilation

Support area

  • patented ergonomic design
  • maximum pelvis support and stabilization
  • reduced articular instability
  • greater push on pedals
  • less energy wasted

Rear depression

  • ergonomic design to protect the coccyx

Seat tube

  • patented design
  • maximum adjustment range
  • high lateral stability
  • higher resistance
  • best shock absorption