Scientific research

There are multiple perineal pathologies and problems that afflict cyclists, both men and women.

is the solution

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Support area

It is the result of in-depth ergonomics studies. It supports the cyclist's weight precisely distributing it over pelvic bones (ischial tuberosities) and buttocks. It protects the coccyx from bruises and shocks caused by the roughness of the terrain.

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Pressure relief area

Distributed along the whole length of the saddle, from the rear to the tip. Whatever the cyclist's position, it prevents delicate perineal structure compression, avoiding vein and capillary vessel occlusion and the chance of nerve injury.



4 international patents

developed in association with a medical team of urologists and andrologists*


Oxygen in the blood +83%

The Journal of Sexual Medicine
Development of a New Geometric Bicycle Saddle for the Maintenance of Genital – Perineal Vascular Perfusion

The Journal of Sexual Medicine,
July 2005
* G. Breda, MD - N. Piazza, MD - A.Caruso, MD: Department of Urology, S. Bassiano Hospital, Bassano del Grappa (VI), Italy;
V. Bernardi, MD: Department of Urology, SS. Giovanni and Paolo Hospital, Venice, Italy;
E. Lunardon, MD: Department of Anaesthesia, S. Bassiano Hospital, Bassano del Grappa (VI), Italy.

The results obtained by researchers demonstrate that SMP4BIKE saddles guarantee optimal genitalia blood flow and are now the best solution on the market to achieve the Highest performance with the greatest health benefits!!