An Italian story rich in traditions


Selle SMP was founded: Schiavon Martino Padova

In a loft in downtown Padua, Martino Schiavon began a story full of tenacity, spirit of initiative and courage, bolstered by the strength of his own ideas.

1970 - 1999

The industrialisation years

In 1979, the company moved to its new headquarters in Casalserugo. In 1995, production reached 5 million saddles and the internal R&D laboratory was constructed.


Tenaciously Italian

Selle SMP, convinced that local productive fabric should not be deprived of the experience and skills gained through years of work and sacrifice, decided to continue production in Casalserugo to compete on the Made in Italy innovation and quality level.



SMP4BIKE: the revolution of the saddle

4 international patents accompanied the presentation of Pro, the first model of the SMP4BIKE saddles. Selle SMP's DESIGNED ON YOUR BODY philosophy was a trailblazer in the revolutionary concept of bicycle saddles.


The recognition of the international scientific community

The Journal of Sexual MedicineThe Journal of Sexual Medicine published the results of a study conducted by prestigious medical team: the scientific world of cially recognized Selle SMP's superiority in promoting cyclists' health and well- being.



Thanks Martino!

July 22, 2006, 60 years after starting the Selle SMP business, we lost Martino.

Over the years, the "helm" of the company had been taken over by his sons Franco and Maurizio but Martino remained President and showed up to work daily until his dying day.


The SMP4BIKE Tourism line was introduced

Selle SMP introduced the first new Tourism city and touring line models.


Product Design Award

The SMP4BIKE line models awarded the prestigious Eurobike Product Design Award.



The Carbon era

Introducing Carbon: the first carbon model manufactured by Selle SMP

2007 Carbon


Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and Vuelta

Selle SMP participated in the world's three most important multi-stage races.

giro d'Italia


Gel technology for SMP4BIKE Tourism

Selle SMP developed an innovative saddle production system with a self-modeling Gel insert, guaranteeing a level of comfort never seen before!



The SMP4BIKE Triathlon line was created

The SMP4BIKE Triathlon, saddle line designed to meet the triathlete's specific needs, enters into production.


70 years of worldwide success

Selle SMP revolutionized the bicycle saddle concept, becoming an icon for technology and innovation. Today, it sells its products in over 65 countries and is the world leading producer of high range ergonomic saddles.